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Try the Detox Foot Spa Today – Feeling Sluggish? Tired? Sick? What You need is a Detox Foot Bath with a Detox Machine!



 Did someone just mention a detox foot bath? Do you like that relaxing feeling you get when you place your feet in a tub of hot water? When your feet get warm, your whole body is going to feel the warmth as well. You will feel very relaxed, almost like you are taking a lovely bath in a hot spring. The detox foot spa really is something that will relax you. Let us continue by telling you more about the wonderful aspects of the detox machine.
The Story behind the Foot Spa
The foot spa was translated from a Japanese legend that happened one thousand six hundred years ago. It has been recorded that a group of sick monks and people invented it as they made pilgrimage. In a deep mountain, one evening, the group of people were searching around to find a place where they could take a break and rest their exhausted body. During this time, they came across a hot spring that was streaming from a rock. Before they rested their tired bodies, they put their feet in this hot stream in order to feel some relief. The next morning, when the group of people woke up, they noticed that they felt healthier than they did the night before. Relieved, this group completed their pilgrimage and told their physicians that the illnesses went away.
The Healing Power Spread Across the World
This is miraculous healing power that spread across the world. Thousands of individuals started to go on the same route of pilgrimage.
Today, you do not have to journey to water streaming from a rock as there is a detox machine. The modern detox foot spa comes equipped with devices like an ion producer. In order to take relaxation to a whole new level, you can add some herbs into it.
How Does the machine Help?
This machine is good at relieving those stress-oriented illnesses such as rheumatism, neuralgia, poor blood circulation, lumbago, hemorrhoids, dry skin, fatigue, frostbite, millaria, allergies, migraine, insomnia, sinusitis, sports related injuries bruises and even acne.
What exactly does the detox foot bath do? Below, we are going to give you a list of what it does:
·         Reduces pain
·         Enhances body detoxification
·         Deactivates yeas, fungus and viruses
·         Stimulates the immune system
·         Promotes weight loss
·         Helps improve blood circulation in the body
·         Relieves tension
·         Reduces inflammation
·         Improves the bodies oxygen levels
·         Helps reduce acne, wrinkles and other skin problems that you may have
Make the Machine Even More Effective
Can you make the detox foot spa more effective than it already is? Of course you can! This can be done by taking natural herbs or additives that you probably already have in your kitchen and placing them in the water of the detox machine.
Below, we are going to give you a list of herbs and additives that can help prevent many illnesses:
·         Green tea
·         Skin of citrus fruits that has dried up
·         Leaves of a pine tree (make sure you boil them for five minutes
·         Bamboo leaves
·         Garlic, ginger and hot pepper that has been grinded
·         Corn silk
·         Dried carrot leaves
·         Dried radish leaves
There are tons of herbs and additives that you can use. However, the list that we just gave you are some of the well-known herbs for general use. All of those are perfect for treating dry skin, oily skin, insomnia, stress, skin allergies, headache, asthma, the common cold and even arthritis.
Do you see just how helpful the detox foot bath is when it comes to rejuvenating or revitalizing your health? This is especially true when you takes certain herbs and add them to the water.
 Get Rid of Those Toxins!
Out of all of the benefits you will be receiving from a detox foot bath, we really like the fact that it helps our body to get rid of those toxins. Has your body been sluggish lately and you cannot seem to figure out why? Do you feel tired as if you could sleep all day? Each day you eat, drink and breathe in pollutants from the air that affects your body. As you get older, the toxins start to build up in your body and that is why you feel tired and have a lack of energy. Those toxins have a big impact on your health and cause illnesses. You could even die from the illnesses that these toxins cause.
It Only Takes 35 Minutes!
With thirty five minutes of soaking your feet in a detox machine, you will be eliminating those toxins from your body. As you start to detox, in only a couple of minutes the water is going to start to change colors. You can clearly see all of those toxins floating in your water.
Save Money Today
There are so many people that spend a lot of money to go to a foot spa. Why would you want to do that when you could bring the detox foot spa to the comfort of your own home? The Detox machine will help you save a lot of money and the whole family will be able to use it. Instead of asking you why you should use the detox foot spa, we would like to ask you why you would not want to use it.
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