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Benefits Of Detox Foot SPa
David Weaver / 2009-06-24

What benefits we get after detox foot spa ?

Nowadays , how worst the environment around us , traffic emission, fertilizer are used for food , and so many pollutions you can find everywhere , all kinds of new diseases were unexpected to our life , Anyway we can get these toxins away from our body ? Everyday should hope no illness around us , why not use foot detox spa to get these toxins away ? just put your both feet into the water , as the manual book instructions, press start , then your toxins from your body will in the water , thirty five minutes later afeter your first foot detox spa , you will find the water color become so dark , these are toxins getting away from your body , good health will come to you after few days from our foot detox spa machines , so start to get foot detox today , you will unbelievable get health body is so easy . Keep away all kinds of illness and disease is possible ,
Our detox foot spa machine is a very effective way to cleanse your body and stop those toxins from accumulating. The footbath detox process works with the natural processes in your body to remove the un-needed waste. As your feet are immersed in the water of the detox foot bath, the reflexology points in your feet will be stimulated, which in turn helps your body to remove toxins through the bottom of your feet.
Here are only the basic benefits after detox foot spa we should know   
1, Improve the body's natural detoxification capabilities, 
2, Enhance the energy of cells, activated cells, the promotion of new blood into the metabolism and circulation, enhance immunity, enhance the overall function of the body;
3, to remove the accumulated toxins in the body to maintain acid-base balance in the body, purify the blood; 
4, Regulation of the endocrine, balance blood sugar, blood lipid control, reduce cholesterol, the maintenance of the body environment; 
5, thin weight loss, beauty skin, REJUVENATION

Our ion detoxification device, purely physical detoxification, non-toxic side effects can see for 30 minutes.

Detox foot Spa detoxification method is to fully utilize the physical properties of water, temperature and impact, to achieve the maintenance, fitness, beauty and the effect of health spa, various forms, including cold water, hot water, alternating hot and cold water, sea water , hot springs, water supply, each of which can be relaxed to some extent in the muscle and nerve tension, eliminate toxins, prevention and treatment of diseases, found in recent years to cater for the various aromatic spa massage oil will speed up the fat burning, with thin results.
Detoxification, including well-known spa, aroma massage, bath, and so on to a corner. Modern water treatment, mainly through the body's five senses function, that is, hearing (efficacy of Music), taste (flowers, tea, healthy eating), tactile (massage, touch), smell (natural essential oils), visual (natural or imitation of natural landscape, human environment) to achieve a full range of relaxing and so on will be fine, gas, three-one God, the realization of body, mind, and spirit to relax.
Spa modern critical water resources and water equipment: cold water, hot water, alternating hot and cold water, seawater, hot springs, water supply, water treatment equipment such as water detoxification device, a combination of both, play beauty beauty and relax the body, alleviate the physical and mental, health, skin, treatment of diseases.
Emphasis on relaxation, relief, detoxification treatment; have to focus on bodybuilding thin; no matter what type of not hearing from the guests to meet the (effect of music), smell (the natural perfume of flowers), visual (landscape) , taste (health food and beverage), tactile (massage care) and reflection (heart relaxation), such as sensory pleasure of the six kinds of basic needs. Spa, fitness, mental and physical pleasure for the heart to find a pressure build-up of export, it is body, mind, and spirit to achieve harmony and balance the enjoyment of people to taste. Body, mind, and spirit are in the United States and to the health of the modern state of the city of dreams. Spa aromatic soothing wind is from the body, mind, and spirit on the people to care and comfort, care of your face, love your soul, so that you from the inside to the outside full of vitality, spirit filled.
Today, this spa combines ancient traditions and modern high-tech water treatment method is no longer the aristocracy their pet, and has gradually become a modern city back to nature, eliminate mental and physical exhaustion, set leisure, beauty, decompression in one fashion the concept of health, with a five-sense therapy, whether it is relief massage, beauty or spa, all with the ease the pressure, relieve physical and spiritual-related activities, with cold and hot water cure bodily functions to stimulate and promote blood circulation and the effectiveness of reducing stress is very good, face care, music, massage, aromatherapy, lymphatic detoxification, hydrotherapy, mud treatments, sea therapy, yoga, therapy, etc. five senses in order to keep in good health, beauty, fitness, comfort for the main thrust of the use of water, color, sound, light, plant essential oils, Dead Sea mineral mud, hot stones and even the United States and treatment tools so full of people with visual (color, natural landscape), smell (aromatic plants), tactile (massage), hearing (music), taste (tea plants), such as facial features and mental feelings of pleasure to the enjoyment of people, people look stretch. Although weigh Shuya detoxification, and some focus on beauty, and some focus on herbal therapy, etc., but bring your love is soft cotton spring, people "do not know return intoxicated." It is no wonder that many Queen City, white-collar Beauty, Merry Ladult fascinated and show their way of life quality.
Detox foot Spa Massage can be described as a supplementary energy "battery charging station physical beauty."

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